USA Cares provides financial and advocacy assistance to post-9/11 active duty US military service personnel, veterans and their families. We assist all branches of service, all ranks and components and treat all with privacy and dignity in appreciation for their service and sacrifice. We never charge fees nor accept repayment and we rely on donations from private citizens, businesses and foundations for all funding.

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Our Goal:

The goal is to help restore financial stability and self-sufficiency by giving “a hand up, not a hand out.” Services are free to service men and women and their families without obligation to repay. Financial assistance is not given directly to service members or their families; instead, payments are made to mortgage lenders, utility companies, and other vendors. The objective is to reach families at the earliest stage of intervention to proactively prevent further financial distress.

Family Resource Center:

USA Cares maintains a call center dedicated to the millions of Americans who have service members in their family. Trained and experienced Family Resource Coordinators mentor, coach and are the friendly voice that help those families that may not even know the right question to ask. Our resource coordinators often identify services and benefits, in addition to USA Cares support, that benefit clients, thereby leveraging the total assistance delivered.

It is the goal of USA Cares and its volunteers to help as many of our military families as possible. We will respond to every request, and a written reply will be sent to each applicant thanking them for their sacrifice and explaining the decision of the folks here in regards to whether or not the requested assistance could be provided.

Contact us at 1-800-773-0387 or EMAIL US