Kentucky Agriculture Needs You!

USA Cares Jobs Assistance Program has partnered with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture  to bring our nation’s youngest veterans into the diverse and prospering world of agriculture.  Our agriculture is being produced by experienced and passionate farmers who want to train, mentor and/or employ veterans to continue cultivating and providing quality products we can depend on.  Kentucky is leading the way with a dynamic program to recruit veterans desiring to provide healthy and fresh produce, sale veteran grown or processed goods in and outside of their community .  You can decide where you niche is as a farmer and we can connect you with the right agriculture professional.

How the Jobs Assistance Program can assist eligible applicants:

  • Transportation to an interview
  • Rent/Mortgage payment, Utilities, Lodging
  • Car payment, Gas
  • Phone bill
  • Certification/License/Exams
  • Relocation Assistance
  • Food


  • Post 9/11 Veteran
  • Active Duty service member
  • National Guard
  • Reserve (all service branches)

Required Documentation

  • Proof of military service (DD 214 member 2 or 4)


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Did you know? 

  • The average dairy cow generated over $13,700 in economic ripple effect each year.
  • Horses were the leading source of farm income for Kentucky farmers, followed by broilers (chickens), cattle, tobacco, soybeans and corn.
  • Kentucky is the leading beef cattle state east of the Mississippi River and is eighth in the nation overall.
  • Kentucky is second in the U.S. in total tobacco production and is in the top 20 in corn, soybeans, winter wheat, hay, barley and sorghum.
  • Kentucky Proud has 3,300 members spanning the full gamut of agriculture employment and yields over $250 million in retail sales annually.

Some areas of farming:

Horses     Corn     Poultry     Soybeans     Cattle     Dairy     Hay   Processing/Packaging Facilities     Agritourism     Wineries

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Kentucky Proud:

Kentucky Department of Agriculture:

USA Cares, Jobs for Vets:

Horse Farms are #1 in income for
Kentucky Farmers.

Kentucky Cattle Farms are 8th in the nation
and #1 West of the Mississippi.

For questions, contact:Marcie at USA Cares, Jobs Assistance at or 1.800.773.0387 X120