Volunteer Support

Volunteer Support

We are constantly seeking key volunteers to represent us and spread our mission. Often times people want to help and volunteer, but do not know how. There are many different ways you can get involved and help support USA Cares.

Participate in USA Cares and Area Events

If there is a USA Cares sponsored event taking place in your area, please participate! We will always be sure to keep you posted of upcoming events in your area and ask if you want to volunteer. If there is an event taking place in your area that you think would be appropriate to participate in as a USA Cares volunteer, please do so. This could include a holiday celebration, parade, town festival, or the like. We are more than willing to help accommodate.


Join and help us expand our USA Cares Facebook Fan Page. Facebook is a great tool for us to spread our mission and tell the world all the wonderful things we are doing.

Tell the USA Cares Story

One person really can make a difference. We all belong to a variety of groups whether it is work, church, school, bowling league, book club, cooking class or any other type of organization. Becoming well-rehearsed with USA Cares will allow you to spread our mission to the groups you belong, which in return will allow the people you informed to tell other people thereby creating a domino effect. Telling just one person about USA Cares really can have a huge impact.

Have an Idea?

Maybe you have an idea for an event or as a way to get our voice heard. We want to hear about it—please contact us at 800.773.0387 or volunteers@usacares.org .