Family Assistance Process



  1. I applied for assistance, when will I know if my case is approved?It is the goal of USA Cares to contact every applicant within 2 business days of receiving your application. A customer service representative will contact you to discuss your case to see if you meet the initial qualifications.
  2. I need help right now, what do I do?First things first, you have to apply for assistance on our site. Please be sure to tell us the urgency of your need. All cases are prioritized by urgency of need, so if you have an eviction notice in hand, or a disconnect notice, be sure to include that in your application.
  3. Are you able to answer questions in any other language than English?We currently can work with clients in English and Spanish.
  4. Do you give loans?No, USA Cares does not give loans to anyone. USA Cares provides financial assistance grants, the funds are paid directly to the debt collector, such as a mortgage company or utility company.
  5. Do you help everyone who applies?USA Cares will provide resources to other organizations if you do not qualify for our grant assistance program. Not everyone who applies for a grant will be approved; this is due to limited funding and restrictions. Our grants are focused on Post 9-11 Veterans with a military service related hardship.
  6. Do you require proof of my hardship?Yes, USA Cares requests that you provide documentation of your hardship and need. In order to verify service, we ask for a DD214 or recent LES with your Social Security Number and rank blacked out. We will also need copies of the bills you are requesting assistance with. We may also ask for you to provide documentation of your hardship, which may be in the form of a letter from someone who is aware of the situation.
  7. I need help with my mortgage, what do I do?For those who are seeking mortgage assistance, we require that you complete a FREE counseling session with the Homeownership Preservation Foundation. You may contact them at 888-995-HOPE or you may visit them on the web at: For additional mortgage advice, we also encourage you to visit: Our mortgage grant processing time takes longer than other financial grants we have available, the sooner we know your need in this area, the better we can work to assist you.
  8. What types of grants do you provide?USA Cares provides grants for quality of life needs which typically include but are not limited to: housing, temporary shelter, food, gas, utilities, phone, auto payments/insurance. Payments are determined on a case by case basis.
  9. Do you help with dental?Unfortunately, USA Cares does not assist with dental. The best means of finding dental assistance is by contacting your local health department to identify free/low cost care near you.
  10. Do you help with funeral expenses?Unfortunately, USA Cares does not provide grant assistance for funeral expenses.
  11. Can you send money to me?No, as part of our process, USA Cares will need to verify the amount of the bill and send the payment directly to the agency collecting the debt.
  12. If a family is approved for help, how fast do they get the money?USA Cares has rarely sent funds directly to the family. Once we have agreed with the agency holding the debt about the amount we are going to pay, a check is normally sent out of our offices to that provider within 2-3 business days.
  13. I have a GI Bill problem, can you help me?Unfortunately, USA Cares does not provide assistance for problems caused by GI Bill benefits. If you have a problem with your GI Bill, please contact 888-GI-BILL.
  14. Does USA Cares have a “walk in” process?No. We prefer that applicants use our website so that their application is in the system as soon as they select “enter.” A call is made within 48 hours from USA Cares.
  15. How much do your clients pay back to USA Cares?In the seven years that we have operated we have never asked for or accepted any payback in funds or services from our clients.
  16. Do you sell or offer your client list to anyone else?USA Cares absolutely does not share our client information with a third party, with the exception of prior approval when we are working their case, then only when we are corresponding with a service provider, for instance, the utility company.
  17. USA Cares recently helped me in my time of need, how can I pay you back?At USA Cares, it is our mission to help those in need. We don’t give loans, so the assistance a family is given is never an added debt—in fact if you try to pay us back from a grant, we will send your money back! If a family wants to “pay it forward” we only ask that they tell others of their positive experience via our guestbook.
  18. I’m an unemployed post-9/11 veteran/deactivated Guard/demobilized Reservist—can you help me find a job?Go to our website section labeled “Jobs Assistance” and learn more about this program. There may be financial assistance available to help with transportation and other costs associated with employment.