Understanding the Veterans’ Struggle

There are very few people out there who say they don’t support the military.  We all realize that these brave men and women put their lives on the line for us…..by choice.  But what we need to realize, is that we really don’t understand.

An article in the Financial Times noted that “this is the first time that the US has fought a sustained war overseas without a draft, leaving the country without a sense of shared sacrifice and with little connection to those who have borne the burden of the fighting.  That makes the 2.3 million Americans who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan the forgotten ‘1 percent.'”

During the entire conflict, not once was the American public asked to sacrifice or cut back on anything.  The entire battle was fought by a small, small portion of Americans, and while we appreciate it, we don’t truly understand the sacrifices and the challenges that they already faced, and that they will continue to face.

Because it’s not quite over yet.  Those returning still have obstacles to overcome.  Some are facing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or the loss of limbs.  Many are facing unemployment.  

Historically, people are much more patriotic when there are more soldiers physically fighting in a war.  But just because we are drawing down does not mean we should draw down the support of our troops!  Please continue to show military families that you care, whether it be through a verbal show of support or a monetary donation to an organization like USA Cares that provides financial assistance to post-9/11 military families.  

And please, check out this article by the Financial Times talking about the struggles of post-9/11 military veterans.